Whatever Your Language Needs โ€“ LinguaPRO has the Answer

In addition to document translation and language training we also offer a range of additional services.

Intensive Language Training

Our intensive language courses are specifically designed to your requirements and are flexible enough to fit into any business schedule. During the training you are immersed in the target language for between 3 and 8 hours each day, over any number of days.

This type of language training is particularly effective to really help you grasp the language in many different day to day situations.

Intensive language courses can be held at a training centre, at the client’s own home, the tutor’s home, or even in the country where the language is spoken. Contact us for more details.

Language Courses Abroad

Full immersion for 24 hours a day is a very effective way of learning a language or improving your knowledge of a language. At the same time you will absorb much about the culture of the country you’re in. Accommodation can be arranged for the duration of the course. Contact us for more details.

Language Consultancy

Determine the language needs of your company and your staff. Whether you are planning to export, open a new office overseas, or you wish to partner with foreign companies, LinguaPRO can help you over all the linguistic hurdles. Contact us for more details.

Cultural Briefings

Discover the nuances of different cultures and countries. These briefings are ideal for employees who are relocating or for those who frequently deal with others from a foreign culture. Contact us for more details to book your cultural briefing.


LinguaPRO can also supply interpreters for your business meetings, seminars, training courses, or other requirements. Contact us for more details to book an interpreter.

Foreign Language Voiceovers

Do you need your promotional videos in a different language?

We have a database of voiceover artists working in several languages. These voiceovers are ideal for promotional videos aimed at the overseas market. Contact us for more details to book your voiceover.