Do You Need to Learn a Foreign Language?

Whether you need short, intensive, focused language training or a longer term language course to really immerse yourself in the language, LinguaPRO has the solution.

How we work

  • We establish your individual training needs by carrying out a complimentary training needs analysis
  • Our tutors will fit in with your diary commitments providing you with all the flexibility you might need
  • Our monitoring, reporting and feedback system ensures your company gets the best value for money from the language training.

Language needs analysis/assessment

Before you commence any course of language study we need to know where you’re starting from and what your objectives are. For this reason we always carry out a complimentary language needs analysis/assessment before recommending the best option of language learning for you.

This needs analysis allows us to identify any previous knowledge of the language or other languages and establish your objectives for learning the language.

This will enable us to put together a detailed proposal tailor-made to fit your individual circumstances and needs.

Our courses

LinguaPRO offers business language courses throughout the UK including English for Business, German for Business and business language courses in Spanish, French, Russian, Italian, Mandarin and many more languages.

  • Flexible to fit in with your business schedules
  • Bespoke courses to meet your specific requirements
  • Plenty of exam preparation support
  • See our full range of Language Learning Options here.

Duration of your course

This will depend on your individual objectives. A course can be short-term and operational with limited objectives, e.g. skill-based telephone training. Or it can be long-term and strategic, where developing language skills forms an integral part of your career development, e.g. when communication in the foreign language is expected or required on a regular basis. See our full range of Language Learning Options here.

We will discuss the course that best meets your requirements following the language needs analysis.

Progress monitoring

During the course we will provide course plans and progress reports at agreed intervals. We tie in the progress reports with course plans so you (and/or your manager) can easily track your progress.

Language levels

We offer language training at all levels. To get an understanding of the different language levels and determine your learning requirements, refer to the Language Levels Reference Guide based on the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR).