An International Communications Review (ICR) offers structured, impartial and tailored advice on how to develop a sound strategy for your international communications.

This can include the following areas:

  • A review of your website to make sure it meets your (potential) international clients’ needs, your website is visible in your export markets and is internationally-friendly
  • A review of your marketing and promotional materials to make sure your offering, messages and unique selling points are relevant for your overseas markets
  • A review of your operational documentation, e.g. instructions for use, to make sure your international clients understand how to operate your products
  • A review of your international sales and enquiries processes to make sure you don’t miss out on any opportunities
  • A review of your overseas meetings and presentations to make sure you avoid cultural gaffes and get it right
  • A review of your international visits such as exhibitions and trade missions to make sure you are well prepared and don’t lose out on new business
  • A review of your communications with overseas agents, distributors and partners to make sure you get the most benefit out of this valuable resource
  • A general health check of your international communications


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